Why Coaching2Transform?
Our approach uses the metaphor of dolphins. The metaphor describes our intuitive, gentle nudging of explorative questions, discovering the terrain, initially through the same misty lens.  We will be listening, whilst swimming alongside, and looking through a clearer lens at the issue. There may be times when we will swim ahead with advice and mentoring. There will a time when we will swim behind when all is well. Like dolphins we will be very loyal, dependable and establish strong bonds in the form of a partnership.  Like dolphins Coaching2Transform will stay the course with those that need support even when the waters become turbulent.

  • Learn 'The Three Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes Small Businesses Make And How To Overcome Them All'
  • Membership to our E- Learning provides you with the resources and support you need to build the business you want!
  • We help small business owners worldwide learn how to generate as many leads as their business can handle...
  • We support you as you step into the character necessary to start, stay and grow you business.
  • Payment plan Option available.
"Coaching  enables you to get to
the places you need to be much
faster, without wasting time!"

"It was as if suddenly someone
had handed me a torch light that was
used to discover tools that  I thought
I no longer possessed, in places I
was unaware existed"

'"Really good Session extremley
relevant to everyday running of the
practice, found it helpful advice for
personal improvement"

'It covered a lot of different topics
none of them went on for too long
which was good because it kept
things interesting'

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